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Alessandra Nicholson, CHL, CIS, CRCST

Helping to Build a Expert Workforce

Deploying Servant Leadership in Healthcare

Meet Dr. Dixon

About Alessandra

Nicholson built her healthcare management career from scratch in a small town with on-the-job training and used that platform to travel to facilities across the US in cities such as Oakland, San Francisco, Boston, and beyond. With 14 years of Sterile Processing, and 7 years of Healthcare Leadership Alessandra transitioned into education, advocacy, and outreach in 2021.

A seed started in 2018, The Candray Institute provides culturally competent certification training and career coaching giving members of marginalized communities the opportunity to thrive in a traditional corporate environment. Candray Institute offers the opportunity to develop leadership talent by reinforcing your soft skills. Providing one on one CRCST, CHL, CIS training with a minimum 9-week commitment. Additional personalized coaching is available starting with one or more sessions to meet your needs in leadership.

As a consultant, Nicholson is able to review Sterile Processing workflows, develop assessments and recommendations for team-building, positive culture change, staff acquisition, review survey readiness, and more.

In 2021 Alessandra launched a career in social media content creation and public speaking, joining The Process SPD Podcast as a co-host with Deannard Esnard and launching Behind The Red Line with co-host Rebecca Peplau in 2022.

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-Healthcare Certification Assistance, individual and small group

- Corporate Business Soft Skills Training

-Entry-Level SPD Program Design

-Survey Readiness for Surgery Center, Hospitals, Clinic Areas

-Union Labor Relations 

-Social Media Content Creation

-Public Speaker/Host

Keyboard and Mouse
Social Media and Public Speaking


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Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 7pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Sunday: 9am to 4pm

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